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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Supporting the need for Utility Markers - Underground Utility Damage Statistics & MUUDS

1.)   According to 2010 reports, of all accidents reported, 25% were due to poor locating practices, 38% were due to poor excavation practices and 32% were due to the fact that no notification was made.

M.U.U.D.S   offer additional locating information to aid excavators in discovery, complement locators and help prevent those who dig without notifying 811 from digging without notification.

2.)   There were 115,232 incidents reported nationwide in 2010.  While it was a 2% decline from the prior year, the CGA cautions that this decline may be attributed to a decline in construction activity.

M.U.U.D.S   raise awareness of the location of underground utilities either during excavation or when people dig without notifying.

3.)   12% of all damages nationwide, a total of 14,011, occur in the Northeast region which includes all of  New York State and the New England states.

M.U.U.D.S    embrace the national standard established by the CGA creating a uniform standard in every state. 

             4.)  84% of the incidents in the Northeast are caused by contractors/developers.  Of those incidents,              
       75% were caused by backhoes or trenchers and 15% were caused during the use of hand tools.

M.U.U.D.S    aids in incident prevention by providing a physical pathway for the excavator and laborers to discover the utility carefully.

5.)    42% of the accidents in the Northeast were to water/sewer lines and 16% were to energy/communications

MUUDS color-coded markers help identify utility lines by the color designated by the CGA and provide a depth guide to their underground position.

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