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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dig Safely, Utility Markers and MUUDS!

MUUDS are utility markers and is an acronym for Marking Underground Utility Depth System which is a patented METHOD, for identifying an underground utility.  Conceptually devising a method for this identification is significantly different from actually designing a device.

When we started, we had a simple basic premise as is defined in the patent.  An elongated rod that has a marked measurement on the side that extends down to a base and has in interior cord running through the center of the start.  The actual design of this kind of method can vary dramatically and in order to produce a product that would both meet the definition in the patent AND be functional in the field took some doing.

While our device in the end sounds simple and somewhat of a no-brainer, there are a number of patented devices that do NOT work.  Ours does, in large part because we did some exhaustive research in fine tuning the design.  We explored options, from different shapes of the rod as well as diameters, to a kit in which the marker is assembled in the field.  As we refined our design, we met with Dig Safe councils all across the State of New York to solicit their input and get their reactions.

We were provided with invaluable feedback that identified some of the drawbacks and potential problems with the device.  Our final design, addresses those problems and provides a marker that is economical, effective and easy to use.

In the end our goal is to provide a product that helps promote field safety for workers and utilities.  MUUDS markers promises to establish a uniform industry standard, nationwide, that protects underground utilities and the workers who uncover them, today and well into the future.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Mass Muni Trade Show was a great event!

We attended the Mass Muni Trade Show this past weekend, and it was a great event in a great City!  We were very encouraged by the positive reception we received from everyone we met with as elected officials, DPW workers and finance personnel alike, remarked at the value of having the depth of their utility lines identified in a way that would help prevent damage in the future. 

In a number of municipalities in Massachusetts, the trend started by Lady Bird Johnson to bury utility lines underground continues with a strong emphasis on beautification of their respective towns and municipalities.  MUUDS were enthusiastically received as a valuable tool to aid in the future to prevent damage to those very lines and the ability to locate them minimizing the safety and liability exposure to the town and its employees due to damage.  It was noted that damage prevention protects not only their DPW workers, but emergency personnel who have to respond to accidents when they occur.

Currently the policy of many utility companies is to charge the municipality or private contractor for the costs to repair the damaged line.  That accidental hit to the utility line can end up costing the municipality over $100,000!!  MUUDS is an inexpensive way to avoid that expense.  It saves taxpayers dollars.  MUUDS can save taxpayers dollars at NO COST to the municipality.  Contact us to find out how.

When digging for utilities, inevitably, other utilities are encountered.  Muuds was welcomed as an identification tool for damage prevention of utilities discovered inadvertently while working on other issues.  If you didn't get a chance to visit us at our booth in Boston, we welcome the opportunity to visit with you at your convenience to introduce you to the benefits of using MUUDS in your area.  Here are some of the comments we received at the show:

" I can't believe something like this isn't already on the market"

"Oh my god that makes so much sense!  It's so simple and yet so effective!"

"We could have used this 
few weeks ago when they just hit a gas line". "

"Definitely get a hold of me, we have so much pipe going in the ground you can't believe it."

"This is brilliant!"

"Contact us."

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Accidents and Injuries

Some recent examples of accidents and injuries occurring when exact depth of a utility line buried under the earth's surface is not known.

M.U.U.D.S. helps to prevent these costly accidents and injuries!