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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Utility Markers and Alternative Energy

As gasoline prices inch towards $4.00/gallon and possibly beyond by summer, it might be worthwhile, discussing how MUUDS can benefit the alternative energy industry.

MUUDS utility markers are designed to identify a vertical tolerance zone for the depth of a utility with our tracer cord outlining the directional path of the underground utility.  While the benefits of MUUDS for water, gas and sewer lines may seem more readily apparent to some because of their burial depth, when it comes to electric lines, especially in the case of solar panels or wind turbines, their use may have increased value.

The return on investment for solar or wind power may be years out in many cases making the protection and security of the transmission lines all the more important to the facility or owner.  MUUDS can be manufactured at any desired length and installed to protect the transmission lines of solar panels or wind turbines.

Statistically, 37% of accidents occur because 811 is not called prior to an excavation, meaning no one is aware that excavation is taking place.  Regardless of who causes the damage, if the service lines for your alternative energy source are interrupted, the down time and costly repairs can add demonstratively to the length of time for a return on your investment.

MUUDS offer a low cost damage prevention option to protect your lines AND your investment.  As a nation as we attempt to move further away from foreign oil dependance and embrace alternative sources of energy, ensuring the protection of the underground transmission lines is increasingly important.  Furthermore, contractors installing MUUDS utility markers at the time of installation, add value to their services by ensuring that if repairs or alterations need to be made,  they have provided a physical path to the utility to aid in discovery and avoid damage even after calling 811.

As we explore alternative energy sources, a focus on damage prevention becomes increasingly important, to protect both people and the investment in the technology.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


As a company entering the utility industry, with a new and patented technology, we were thrilled to join the CGA conference in Las Vegas and introduce our utility depth marker to a national audience!

The great thing about this industry is how gracious everyone involved with utility safety is to a new concept, product and the people presenting it.  We met some terrific people from all over the country who were very receptive to our marker and the number of benefits it promises to bring to the industry.  The unique attributes of our utility marker hold tremendous promise for adding safety and damage prevention to existing and new utilities or any buried facility.

As expected, one of the great things about attending a conference like the CGA show, is the opportunity to have open discussions with new people who point out applications for your product that may not have been obvious and to learn a little bit from every show.

In Las Vegas, the term that surfaced that is applicable to our marker was the fact that MUUDS identifies a VERTICAL TOLERANCE ZONE for an underground utility.  We had conversations with a number of people who recognized that MUUDS are an asset for damage prevention of new utilities and ideal for vacuum excavations where we are recording data for existing utilities.

Perhaps the great thing about the show for us is identifying that our utility marker has international applications and has the ability to set a standard for utility markers identifying depth to avoid damage to utilities.

Next up, we head out to Lexington, Kentucky to introduce our utility marker to County Engineers at their conference.  We appreciate the warm response we received from other exhibitors and attendees in Las Vegas and look forward to the  show next year in Florida!